Heather Morgan, Lead Guide 

Ms. Heather is our Lead Guide in Children’s House 2.  She has been sharing her years of experience and insight to our program since 2017.  Ms. Heather has been a Montessori Primary Children’s House Teacher since 2005. Before moving to Minnesota, she was living in Arizona. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts from the University of Arizona. After completing her studies she became an Art Teacher at a Montessori school, and loved the philosophy so much that she was very excited to get Montessori training in the Bay Area!  A fun fact from Heather is that she didn’t know she attended a Montessori school in Italy when she was a preschooler!   She found out during her Montessori training through her mom! She is very happy she moved here, and we are too! Some interests that she follows in her spare time are hiking, reading, making art, finding new parks in the city to explore and has fun taking care of her fish and turtle at home. Ms. Heather has a wealth of experience and we are delighted to have her wisdom at Mandala Montessori!

“It is a great honor to work at Mandala Montessori, and I am having a wonderful time being a teacher here.” ~Ms. Heather

Liz Palmer, Assistant Teacher

Ms. Liz is our Assistant in Children’s House 2. She graduated from the Early Childhood Education Program at Rasmussen College in 2008. Liz joined Mandala Montessori in 2017 and comes to us with several years of experience as she has worked at a Montessori preschool setting before. She has also nannied from infants up to 8th grade children. Liz grew up in Columbia Heights.    Liz also speaks with joy about her time living in Hawaii.  She feels she is one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to watch the sunset every day while spending time in Maui! Ms. Liz is always full of energy and when she’s not here at Mandala playing ukulele with our children you will find her at the gym training with a competitive CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting team! Some of her hobbies include beekeeping, having a few hives on a rooftop in Uptown! She also loves nature especially spending time on a shore of one of our local lakes watching the sunset every time she can. We feel very privileged to have Ms. Liz’s kindness and energy that she shares with us daily!

“I love the Montessori method and am eager to keep learning more about it and Maria Montessori herself.” ~Ms. Liz

Yana, Assistant Teacher 

Ms. Yana began working with us in March of 2016 as an Assistant Teacher in CH 2. She holds a Master’s Degree in Philology (Study of language in written historical sources) and translations.  She was born in Ukraine and has two native languages (Russian and Ukrainian). She studied English and German at the University in her home country.  Her passion for teaching started at the age of 17 when she started working with children as an English tutor. In her 20’s she was already working part time as an English teacher in kindergarten, tutoring children privately at home and playing music with several bands. She plays the guitar, a little bit of drums and is teaching herself to play piano! She has a quiet gentle approach with the children and brings a desire to learn more about the Montessori method as we all work and learn together. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Yana working with us at Mandala.

“I am interested in art, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, languages, science… I love nature and am a good cook.” ~Ms. Yana