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Intergenerational Programming

Dr. Montessori said, “Let us give the child a vision of the whole Universe. . .We shall walk together on this path of life; for all things are a part of the Universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”
Ours is an intergenerational program where seniors from the community are encouraged to volunteer their gifts of time and experience with our children. Story time, music, art projects and shared adventures are some of the ways the children and elders will interact.

To have seniors as companions and cojourners on the walk enriches all of our lives.
All volunteers will go through training in understanding the Montessori methods and will have criminal background checks completed and on file.

Intergenerational Benefits

The Montessori environment is ideal for an intergenerational school because we believe there is power in the potential relationships that can be established, and power to nourish, nurture and befriend each other.

On select days our elder friends from English Rose Suites (an assisted living home) join us for an hour of interaction and companionship. The children may do their Montessori work while the elder watches or they may share a story, sing a few songs, do hand massages and share a snack.

The children's participation with the elder visits is strictly voluntary. We have had grandmas and grandpas come to read stories, help us bake a cake and go on field trips. We are always open to seniors visiting our classroom to share moments and memories with our children.