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   Thinking that Montessori Preschool is more expensive than day care?
   Think again.....

A Montessori pre-school experience can be instrumental in helping your child prepare for grade school and a life of learning. Emphasizing the natural growth of a child’s mind, Mandala Montessori offers a preschool and child care environment that facilitates and nurtures the development inherent in every child. For children ages 33 months to 6 years old, Mandala Montessori is an affordable preschool option, faithful to the Montessori philosophy.

Visit or consult with Mandala Montessori to learn about the academically based child care methods championed at their day care and preschool. Please continue to browse Mandala Montessori’s website, or visit the mission statement to learn about the specific goals of their programs and practices.

   Mandala Montessori Preschool and Child Care is: 

  • An affordable preschool that is academically based
  • True to the Montessori Method
  • For children 33 months to 6 years
  • Available in three classrooms at two locations in South Minneapolis
  • Read more about the differences here .

Mandala Montessori brings summer preschool and child care to families in Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas! Call to consult at (612)-259-8781.

Click on the red doors to visit us

Click on the red doors to visit us