About Us

Learn more about Mandala Montessori Preschool.  Serving Minneapolis, MN.

At Mandala Montessori Preschool we provide intergenerational programming that can benefit your child in so many ways.


• To provide a diverse and inclusive educational environment embracing the Montessori philosophy.

• To develop a mutual respect and partnership between all program participants and the world beyond our doors.

• To foster curiosity and a passion for learning.

• To promote independence and develop life skills.

• To nurture a spirit of self-esteem and dignity in each child.

• To recognize and support the individual needs of each child while promoting a strong sense of belonging to a community.


• Respect and responsibility for ourselves, our community and our environment.

• Nurturing kindness and compassion within each child.

• Honoring the dual concepts of grace and courtesy.

Our Mission

We honor the circle of life. Within that circle we wish to create a haven of safety and nurturing.  Embracing the Montessori philosophy, we will provide purposeful activities and life experiences that promote self-esteem and dignity for our children and grandparents

Behind Our Name

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning, "circle". Throughout the world and in many different cultures and traditions it is a symbol for wholeness and unity.  Mandalas appear everywhere; the sun, the earth, the moon, as well as circle of friends, family and the community.