Current Rate

Effective February 2018

5 Morning Sessions            (8:30-1:00) $675/month             
4 Full Days w/o Additional Care    (8:30-3:30) $800/month             
5 Full Days w/o Additional Care    (8:30-3:30) $925/month             
Additional Care Options
Morning (7:30-8:30) AM-$60/month
Afternoon (3:30-5:30) PM-$100/month
Both AM & PM-$160/month

A 3% to 5% annual tuition increase will apply at the beginning of each school year.

There is a $100 per school year activity fee which covers Field Trips and special programs. An additional activity fee will be charged for summer months.

Tuition may be paid online monthly or bi-monthly.

Families have an option of attending a summer program or returning in the fall.