Preschool & Child Care in Minneapolis, MN

Testimonials for Mandala Montessori Preschool

"On behalf of the Minnehaha Food Shelf,  I thank you for your generous contribution to the Food Shelf. . .those of us who volunteer on Tuesdays see the positive steps to learning that go on in your school.  I personally am amazed how disciplined the children are during their time with you.  We appreciate the talents and caring you and all of the staff put into making the children's time with you productive and enjoyable."  The Minnehaha Food Shelf Chairperson, Judy.

"Mandala has been such a blessing in the life of our family.  You opened your doors to us and took us in when we had no where to turn.
I really don't know where we would be without the help of Mandala.  You helped us out in a very stressful financial time.  The way your program helped shape my daughter is also life changing.  Forever, we will appreciate your kindness."  Jordyn

“The teachers at Mandala Montessori espouse the same values we use in our parenting: respect, independence, learning, adaptability, and fun.
Mandala Montessori practices Montessori methods with excellence and grace.” Teka

“We love Mandala Montessori because our 4 year old daughter bursts out of the car each morning excited to see her teachers and classmates and because she comes home filled with knowledge about the world around her. We go to work each day knowing that our daughter is well cared for, engaged, and encouraged. “ Jim and Amy

“The teachers are very loving and patient and knowledgeable. Our daughter has learned so much there, and has had so many new experiences. We feel very fortunate to have found Mandala Montessori. It is such a caring environment. We'll be sad to leave at the end of summer when our daughter starts kindergarten, but we can't wait for our son to start next year!” Bob and Heather

“After being in a home-based daycare for the first three years, we have seen an amazing transformation during our daughter's 1.5 years of attendance at Mandala. The education, patience, attention and genuine love the staff at Mandala has provided our daughter continues to amaze us. We are incredibly fortunate to have found a team that cares for and develops our daughter in the manner they have. We can’t wait to see how our younger son does there when he attends.” John and Jen

"Our daughter has thrived and grown emotionally, educationally, and socially during her two years at Mandala Montessori. We couldn't be happier with Kaisie, Jesse, & Linda. They've created an educational environment and school that nurtures and cultivates the best in our kids, fostering a love of learning, curiosity, and interdependence. What more could we ask for?" Michael and Michael

Our son has attended Mandala for two years. He loves his teachers, his work, and his classmates. It has been a joy to watch him grow and become more confident both in and out of the classroom.   The teachers are warm, patient, and kind.  They have been more than willing to address concerns I've had about my son, and they send pictures and updates via email on a regular basis. They prepared my son for Kindergarten, but more importantly, they have  nurtured a sense of independence, thoughtfulness for others, and a love of nature.  It's a lovely little school.   Anonymous

We love Mandala! We took a chance on them the first year they opened, almost 5 years ago when our daughter did one year of preschool. She had a wonderful experience there and we were thrilled with her teachers and so thankful we took the chance. Now our son is in his second year there. They are kind, loving and nurturing to him and they keep him challenged. He's always coming home with new information and stories of interesting things he's learned. There is nothing bad I can say about our almost three years experience having children at Mandala. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful place to bring our child to every day.   Joan

We are in love with Mandala! The teachers are great and is family owned. The communication between teacher and parent is just enough. They also have an internal website where they keep the parents up to date on everything that is going on. There are two classes with flexibility in schedules, full and half day. There are other elements offered at Mandala that stands out such as ... cool field trips. My daughter really enjoys the work she does and the friendships she has built. We have seen her grow in ways we did not expect. She has shown that she is learning what you would expect but also how to be a better person showing compassion for others and the world we live in. Our 2nd daughter will definitely be attending as soon as she is old enough.  Nacole